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Balloon drops are a fun way to build excitement at any event! Imagine hundreds of balloons cascading over your guests at that special moment creating a lasting memory for everyone. Balloon drop sizes range from 50 balloons to 1,000+ balloons. For added effect, you can add different shapes and sizes of balloons or confetti to your drop. Balloons can even be filled with lightweight prizes! The video below is an example of one of the recent balloon drops that we have done. If you are considering a balloon drop for your next event a review of the venue is necessary for us to determine if a drop is possible for your location.

Add special effects to your balloon decor with lights and confetti. LED light strands can be woven into arches and columns to give a fun glowing effect. Ribbon lights can be used in centerpieces for a new look that will wow your guests. Balloon lights can be added to individual balloons and set to be constantly on, to flash or strobe, or even change colors! Create more of a buzz by adding confetti to exploding balloons or use confetti sticks to shoot of confetti at just the right time

Add some color and flair to your parade float or group with balloons! We can match your colors or theme with parade poles that you carry and "backpacks" of balloons bursting off walker's backs or vehicles. Your group certainly won't be missed as you're walking down the street!

"Conrad the Unicorn is in Chicago for his second appearance at the Pride Parade! Conrad the Unicorn will be in the float by Balloons by Tommy. The theme of the float is "Life is Sweet"! There will be candy and sweets - all made from balloons!
The float uses over 40,000 balloons and is created by a group of 40 balloon artists who are in town for a workshop. The Balloons by Tommy float will have over 100 people walking in it.
This is the 8th year in the Chicago Pride Parade for Balloons by Tommy. They have done over 35 parades and provide balloons for some of the other floats as well." -